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Terms & Conditions


D elivery Contract

General Terms
This contract cannot be altered. No entity is empowered to alter this agreement, or waive, or add any provision. This contract represents the complete agreement and no other conditions either expressed or implied are valid. This is a contract between the driver/contractor and the shipper/consignor. The driver/contractor does not act as an agent of any party.

Limitation Of Liability
No party guarantees any specific performance except payment of the account. No delivery times are guaranteed. The shipper/consignor ships at his own risk and waives responsibility by other parties for damages except as outlined below. The amount of any losses or damages for which any party is liable shall not exceed $2.00 per pound (or $4.41 per kilogram) computed on the total weight of the shipment unless additional insurance is carried under a separate agreement.

The shipper/consignor certifies that all government regulations have been complied with. The declared weight of the shipment is subject to correction by the driver/contractor. No party is responsible for goods improperly wrapped or packed. No party will accept responsibility for any concealed damage. Any damage must be noted on this document at the time of delivery, otherwise consignees signature will constitute a clear receipt that the cargo was declared in good condition. Where consignee cannot be found at the time of delivery there is no obligation to notify the consignor(s) or consignee(s) if a shipment is delivered or not delivered.

Undeliverable shipments or shipments refused by the receiver/consignee shall be the responsibility of the shipper/consignor. Charges are due upon receipt of invoice. Any charges that are outstanding after sixty (60) days shall become the charges of the consignor or the consignee jointly and severally along with all accrued charges. After 30 days unpaid accounts will bear interest at 2% per month and will also be subject to weekly administration charges of $5.00, gas surcharges may be levied. Any quoted rates assume full disclosure of all relevant facts affecting the price and that necessary addresses are easily visible from the street while driving.