What We Offer

Outsourcing your delivery fleet with us makes you enjoy all the benefits of a private fleet without any stress. As your dedicated contract delivery partner, we assume all the risk and liabilities, we hire, train and manage drivers giving you full visibility across your transportation network so you can redirect capital investment for the greatest benefit and focus on growing your core business.

Dependable Delivery of Your Temperature Sensitive Goods

For sensitive goods that require specific temperature and moisture conditions, Primeship’s fleet includes both heated and refrigerated vans. These are ideal for various types of meat or frozen food, temperature-sensitive medical supplies, and other temperature-dependent cargo. Cool or frozen, moist or dry – we’ll customize the appropriate transportation solution for your specific needs.

Our “Chilled Out” Team!

Refrigerated transport is not just about the vans itself but also our team of experienced & dedicated drivers who electronically monitor van temperatures at all times.
Whatever the weather, and however long the ‘over the road’ trip might be. Whether frozen food, fresh produce or pharmaceuticals, our team ensures that your goods arrive in prime conditions.

Thinking- Why to Outsource?

With issues as diverse as the continuing driver shortage, increasing insurance rates and the cost of capital, Federal regulations, and rising fleet maintenance costs, companies must look at new and different transportation models to serve their customers and ensure a good return to the bottom line. This not only helps you to focus on more important things but also makes your company save some extra $$$$$ by adding more flexibility of reducing or expanding the fleet as per the business needs.

Why Primeship?

• Primeship’s dedicated pool of professional and safe driver networks along with diverse fleet can scale to meet your company’s fluctuating capacity needs.
• Primeship’s state-of-the-art fleet is well maintained and uses the latest safety and monitoring equipment.
• Our easy-to-integrate and customizable transportation technology provides real-time visibility and control over your transportation network.
• Optimized routing and scheduling
• Innovative recruiting, hiring, and training programs ensure you have the most skilled drivers for your operation.
• Assured regulatory compliance and background checks
• Primeship’s team is continuously thriving to delight our clients with the flow of great ideas to improve your operation, profitability, and service to your customers

At Primeship, we understand customers lead busy lives and want to invest their time where it belongs, so to make it more convenient we offer a safe & secure same-day residential service tailored to your customers’ needs.
Your customers will look forward to receiving their deliveries from our reliable and dedicated residential delivery professionals. When you partner with Primeship, we make sure to be your best ambassador leaving behind a delighted customer at the door.
You always get complete visibility of your delivery with real-time reporting, phone and email notifications, along with a proof of delivery via photo or signature.

Our Residential Delivery services

• Allow you to focus on your core business
• Eliminate driver shortages.
• Have a variable cost structure
• Offer access to technology with no capital investment
• Assure you for reliability & safety

Our Concierge delivery services provide our customers with an extra personalized touch and making them realize that “We care” The service comes with a number of customizable options, including residential or business service, single or two-person teams, inclusive assembly, product demonstration, and more. Every single delivery is made by an experienced delivery professional. We can deliver electronic items, desks, furniture, and more.
When you partner with us, you get complete visibility of your delivery with real-time reporting, phone, and email notifications, along with proof of delivery via photo or signature.

Our Concierge Delivery services

  • Allow you to focus on your core business
  • Eliminate driver shortages
  • Have a variable cost structure
  • Offer access to technology with no capital investment
  • Assure you of reliability & safety

The rapid rise of E-Commerce and the high level of competition amongst online retailers have led to a constantly shifting pattern of customer expectations as merchants promise ever fast and cheaper shipping and delivery services.

E-Commerce order fulfillment has a huge impact on the customer experience and, ultimately, on an online seller’s bottom line. Anyone who has ever been an online customer knows how frustrating it is to encounter problems, such as missing or damaged items and late deliveries. These scenarios are enough to earn online stores negative reviews that can impact their credibility, online reputation, and ultimately, their sales.

Why Choose Primeship Logistics

  • SERVICE QUALITY: We consistently provide a level of service that goes above and beyond what is expected and treat our client’s stock and orders as if they were our own.
  • RELIABLE & EXPERIENCED: Our experienced logistics and warehousing team is capable of consistently meeting agreed timelines for every client on both incoming and outgoing movements.
  • TRANSPARENT: From beginning to end, you will be able to see into every step of your supply chain.
  • ACCURATE: Highly accurate in order picking and carefully check all incoming stock for quality and quantity.
  • FLEXIBLE: Can provide custom, tailored solutions to accommodate for any special service requests.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: While other companies are forced to sacrifice profitability by rolling their logistics expenses into their margins, you will be experiencing significant cost-reductions that directly increase your bottom line.

Primeship Logistics Inc. has been providing Canada with a full spectrum of reliable, safe, and efficient E-Commerce Logistics; inventory, sortation, distribution, shipping, tracking, delivery, and concierge services. Let us help you fulfill your promise to your customers today!

Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipping is great for shipping a pallet or two that can save you a lot of time and money. Many carriers operate LTL Networks that consist of multiple points of consolidation and deconsolidation to complete each shipment.

Handling loads will happen a lot throughout the process and depending on carrier availability and truck space, shipping LTL will generally have longer delivery times. That’s why Primeship Logistics is here to help you simplify the complex, and exceed expectations by providing you flexible & secure shipping.

Our less than truckload or LTL shipping helps you organize and manage your shipments at affordable prices. Through our LTL shipping services, get your deliveries where you need them when you need them without wasting any time to send shipments until you had enough for a truckload which eventually leads to delay and TIME IS MONEY!