COVID Update

The worldwide outbreak of COVID19 is causing local, provincial and federal authorities, along with the experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to recommend social distancing and to limit all non-essential travel outside of the home.

Prime Ship has been preparing for this possibility, along with those associated with shipping to or through quarantined areas, and are ready to handle any influx of deliveries that may result from these recommendations.
As a valued client, we wanted to remind you of the importance of planning, to minimize any distributions to your business.
Plan ahead: if you have an upcoming delivery or have regular reoccurring deliveries, please place the order as early as possible to make sure your desired delivery deadline can be accommodated.


Our team is always thriving to achieve a level of customer satisfaction unmatched in the industry. We often keep surprising our New Customers with our immediate response times, making us the last stop for all their courier & delivery needs.

Experienced Team

We have a stable team of drivers, most of them having over 2 years of industry experience & some with more than 5 year’s delivery experience.

Dedicated Fleet

With a large fleet of reliable company vehicles, breakdowns are minimized but in the event that a breakdown does happen we have adequate back-ups to ensure no disruption in the service.

Quick Response Times

A great knowledgeable team & a strong network of drivers allows us to concentrate a larger number of resources anytime and anywhere across Ontario..

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